Paper Music Rolls and Folded Cardboard Book-music

Paper music roll No.25 “Si j’aime Suzy”

    Paper music roll No.25 “Si j’aime Suzy”


    Composers: Bastia Pascal, Charlys, Maye Paul, CREATONAL. Fabrique d’orchestrion et de Musique perforée

    Paper, cardboard, metal, plastic; perforation, printing

    8 x 9 x 35.3 cm, Width 28.85 cm

    Inscriptions on the case and roll labels: “Rouieau CREATONAL Pour MIRELLA/ No 25/ 24 mt”, “Si j’aime Suzy/Foxtrot/Bastia”, “2. Quand on s’est aimé/Foxtrot/Charlys”, “3. Il n’est pas disitingué/Valse/Maye”, “Valses toujours/Valse/Bordin”. Overprint on the roll: “CREATONAL Fabrique d’orchestrion et de Musique perforée CH – 1032 Romanel”


    Paper roll 28.85 cm wide is wound on a pin-end spool (with metal semi-axes, one is rounded, the other one has radial protrusions for fixing in the playing device drive axis slot), with plastic flanges; the roll leader has is cut angle wise with the end covered with thin plastic, equipped with a wire loop. Narrow-framed yellow label on the roll leader with the catalog number, the length of the roll, musical pieces titles, music styles and the composers’ names is on the edging surface. 67 perforated tracks are on the roll with encoded sequence of stimulus commands on musical instruments for playing a certain melody. Music roll is stored in cardboard parallelepiped-shaped case, composed of white base and a lid. A label is on the lid flat end similar to the label on the paper roll. The peculiarity of the style is in the tenuity of dance melodies along with the sequence of accordion passages. The French mazurka “java”, waltz, tango, polka, Paso-doble are the quintessential representatives of the Musette style. Typical representatives of the Musette style are French mazurka java, waltz, tango, polka, Paso-doble. Four musical orchestrations popular in the 1920s and 1930s are encoded on the roll: "Si j'aime Suzy", foxtrot, composer - Pascal Bastia (1908-2007) ; “Quand on s’est aimé, foxtrot, composer - Charlys (1896-1955) ; "Il n'est pas disitingué", Paul Maye, (1893-1969); “Valses toujours”, waltz, composer - Bordin.
    Music player: Musical automaton ”Accordeo-boy” (476/ММП).