Paper Music Rolls and Folded Cardboard Book-music

Paper music roll

    Paper music roll



    CREATONAL. Fabrique d’orchestrion et de Musique perforée

    Paper, cardboard, metal, plastic; perforation, printing

    8 x 9 x 35.3 cm, width 28.85 cm

    Inscription on the roll leader: “4 bons morseaux inconnus”


    Paper music roll 28.85 cm wide is wound on pin-end spool (with metal semi-axes, one is rounded, the other has radial protrusions for fixing in the slot of playing device drive axis), with plastic flanges; the roll leader is cut angle wise with the end covered with thin plastic and equipped with a wire loop. Handwritten pencil inscription in French is on the roll leader. 67 perforated tracks on the roll with encoded sequence of stimulus commands on musical instruments for playing a certain melody. Music roll is stored in a parallelepiped-shaped cardboard case, composed of white base and a lid. The handwritten Latin letter “s” is on the lid flat end.
    Music player: Musical automaton ”Accordeo-boy” (476/ММП).