Paper Music Rolls and Folded Cardboard Book-music

Paper music roll No 35 “Die Blaue Serenade, ...”

    Paper music roll No 35 “Die Blaue Serenade, ...”

    Germany, Überlingen


    GmbH, Orgelbau Raffin

    Paper, cardboard, plastic; perforation, printing

    14.5 х 8.2 х 8 см; width 11 cm

    Inscriptions and signatures: on the roll leader: “35”. On the label: “Orgelbau Raffin ”, “D 7770 Überlingen • Abigstraße 9 • Telefon 0 75 51/42 44”, “1960 25 Jahre 1985”, ”Orgues de barbarie Musique mécanique H. Pury 1373 CHAVORNAY tél. 024 41 43 48”. On the case short end: ”Die blaue Serenade, Mijniering-Walzer, Alida-Serenade, Zaal-Walzer”; on the other short end: “35”; twice: “R“, on the top side: “Orgelbau Raffin GmbH”, “Drehorgelbau, Musikrollen, Handwagen”, “seit 1960”; company address and contact information

    Four tunes are encoded on the roll:  ”Wenn die Drehelorgeln…”, “Der Bettler von..”, “Paris liegt ander..”, ”This is my song”.
    Music player: street organ Raffin R 31, Инв.608/ММП.