Paper Music Rolls and Folded Cardboard Book-music

Paper music roll No 51955 “Die Ehre Gottes, Op.48 No. 4”

    Paper music roll No 51955 “Die Ehre Gottes, Op.48 No. 4”



    Hupfeld, Ludwig, A.G.

    Wood, paper, cardboard, metal, leatherette; perforation, lathing, cardboard works

    Roll width 28.58 cm

    Inscriptions on the labels: “88”, “Hupfeld”, “FVh”, “51955 Die Ehre Gottes, Op.48 No. 4 La Gloire de Dieu The Glory of the Lord L. v. Beethoven”, On the roll leader: “88” “KÜNSTLER-ROLLE-ARTIST’S ROLL-ROULEAU-ROLLO DE ARTISTA”, “TEMPO 50”. On the roll: “TEMPO 50”


    Paper roll 28.58 cm  wide is “American standard”  coiled wooden spool with round grooves at the flanges' ends. Green-grayish roll leader with triangular edge and leatherette sticker, metal button and ring. The inscription with the producer's name, the catalogue roll number, title and the author's name are above. A standard and type of recording indication and the frame with the warning instructions in four languages are above.  "Tempo 50" is marked on the roll leader. The roll is stored in parallelepiped shaped cardboard case  comprised of a base and a lid, pasted with black paper and a white yellow label on the flat end.     


    Инв. 51-TP/МНС