Paper Music Rolls and Folded Cardboard Book-music

Folded cardboard book-music “ENTRÉE DES GLADIATEURS”

    Folded cardboard book-music “ENTRÉE DES GLADIATEURS”

    France, Vienne



    Cardboard; perforation, printing

    14.5 х 16 cm; length 9.6 m

    Subscriptions, inscriptions: on the cover: “MANUFACTURE DE LIMONAIRES. MARC FOURNIER 19, Avenue Général Leclerc” 38200 VIENNE FRANCE Tél. 74. 85-09-77 74.53-08-78”,“S.A.R.L. AU Capital 50.FR – SIREN 314942071”, “ENTRÉE DES GLADIATEURS”, “MARCHE FUCIK”, “9,60”, handwritten inscription the flat end: "ENTREE DES GLADIATEURS”

    Folded cardboard book-music of gray colour, 14.5 cm wide, gate-folded. On the cover: the allegorical image of an organist and his muse, typographical and handwritten inscriptions: producer, contacts, tune title “HENTREE DES GLADIATEURS”. The roll contains perforation - coded recording control impact sequence to reproduce a tune. March "ENTREE DES GLADIATEURS", op. 68 (The Entrance of the Gladiators) - is a military march, written in 1897 by the Czech composer Julius Fučík. He calls his work "The Great Chromatic March", widely using chromatic scales, later he changes its title because of his interest in the Roman Empire.

    In 1910, the Canadian composer Louis-Philippe Laurendeau (1861-1916) arranged the Julius Fucik's march "The Entering of the Gladiators" for the American brass band, and Carl Fischer published under the title "Thunder and Blazes" in 1901, it was during this period that the march gained its popularity, as circus music. It is often played when clowns are entering, while the name of the composer and the title of the play are often forgotten.

    MANUFACTURE DE LIMONAIRES MARC FOURNIER was created by Marc Fournier in 1979 for the production of mechanical musical instruments - large fair organs and exists up to the present day. Christian Fournier has been managing the company since January 01, 2000. The trade mark - LIMONAIRES originated from the surname of the Limonaires brothers, who had been producing them since 1850. The Limonaires’ organs had a good reputation and were in demand until the end of the 1930s.

    Music player: Organ "Orchestrophone", Инв.604/ММП.