Paper Music Rolls and Folded Cardboard Book-music

Folded cardboard book-music “ODE A L’ETRE SUPRÊME”

    Folded cardboard book-music “ODE A L’ETRE SUPRÊME”

    France, Vienne



    Cardboard; perforation, printing

    14.5 х 16 cm, length 8 m

    Subscriptions, inscriptions: on the cover: “MANUFACTURE DE LIMONAIRES. MARC FOURNIER Chemin de la Gardiere – Seyssuel 38200 VIENNE FRANCE Tél. 74.53-08-78”,“S.A.R.L. AU Capital 50.FR – SIREN 314942071”, handwritten inscription on the cover and on the flat end: “MUSETTE TYROLIENNE”, “8.00”

    Folded cardboard book-music of gray colour, 14.5 cm wide, gate-folded. On the cover: an allegorical image of the organist and his muse, typographical and handwritten inscriptions: producer, contacts, tune title “MUSETTE TYROLIENNE”. The tape contains program perforation - coded recording control impact sequence to reproduce a tune. MANUFACTURE DE LIMONAIRES MARC FOURNIER was created by Marc Fournier in 1979 for the production of mechanical musical instruments - large fair organs and exists up to the present day. Christian Fournier has been managing the company since January 01, 2000. The trade mark - LIMONAIRES originated from the surname of the Limonaires brothers, who had been producing them since 1850. The Limonaires’ organs had a good reputation and were in demand until the end of the 1930s. Musical instrument: Organ "Orchestrophone", Инв.604/ММП.