Piano accordion “Silvio Soprani”

    Piano accordion “Silvio Soprani”

    Circa 1940


    Wood, leather, metal, fabric, leatherette, celluloid; mechanical and carpentry work, gluing

    52 x 37 x 25

    On the melody side front panel “SILVIO SOPRANI & F.llo/CASTELFIDARDO/ITALIA”


    The accordion consists of two rectangular sides, melody side and bass side. The sides are wooden and finished with white plastic, decorated with fine engraving with colored filling. The fingerboard with ornately shaped ends, on which the right, grand piano, keyboard with forty-one plastic keys is located, is the prolongation of the melody side. The side lateral surface is closed with openwork metal nickel-plated mesh with foliage pattern and stylized lyre image. The mesh is covered with silvery fabric from the inner side. The front panel is decorated with engraved vignette, with the name and manufacturer location written inside - SILVIO SOPRANI. The melody side and fingerboard rear surfaces are covered with cardboard panel, glued over with embossed light brown leatherette. Sliding metal rack of a treble coupler is fixed near it on the fingerboard end. The coupler moves vertically. Brackets are screwed up to the upper and bottom melody sides surfaces. Leather blue-green shoulder straps with beige lining are attached to them. White keyboard panel with one hundred and twenty black buttons are in the bevelled recess of the bass side. Oblique decorative acoustic windows are cut down below and above the keyboard. The lateral panel is covered by felt-lined hand strap. Round acoustic apertures are made in wooden mesh on the left side. The sides’ upper surfaces are decorated with engraved and painted branches with leaves and flowers. Sound bars with slotted vocal reeds, soundboards and keyboard valves are mounted inside the melody and bass ends. The bellows folds inner surfaces are clued with blue fabric, ends are clued with light color leatherette, edges are strengthened with metal brackets.
    When the instrument is lead off, the bellows are totally compressed and both sides are held together by two leather straps with buttons. The musical range of the accordion extends from small octave F to  the third octave A.