Piano accordion

    Piano accordion


    Circa 1950


    Wood, leather, metal, fabric, plastic; mechanical and carpentry work, gluing

    48 x 37 x 23 cm

    On the mesh front right side: “Hagstrom”, on paper sticker: “TRASTHES MEKANISKA MUSIKMUSEUM / Norraryd / RYD” On the bottom bass side surface – 69552


    The accordion consists of two parts, melody side and bass side connected with the bellows. The sides are wooden, finished with white glossy plastic. The fingerboard with grand piano type keyboard with thirty-nine plastic keys is the prolongation of the melody side. Black keys of two treble couplers are fixed in front of the keyboard. The melody side external surface is grid with rectangular cells, covered from the inside with fabric from the inner side. The grid is decorated with black onlay panels and inscription “Hagstrom”. Melody side and fingerboard rear surfaces are closed with cardboard panel, clued with black leatherette. Screws fix the panel. Rings are screwed to the melody side upper and bottom surfaces, to which leather shoulder straps are attached.

    Keyboard black panel with ninety-six white buttons is on the bass side front surface. The lateral surface is covered by hand strap. Knurled nut is located in the slot in the bass side upper surface; it allows adjusting the belt length. Nickel-plated bar of bass coupler is between the keyboard panel and bellows. Sound bars with slotted vocal reeds, soundboards and keyboard valves are mounted inside the melody and bass ends. The bellows folds inner surface are clued with blue fabric, ends are clued with black leather, edges are strengthened with metal brackets.

    When the instrument is lead off, the bellows are totally compressed and two leather straps with buttons hold both sides together. The musical range of the accordion extends from the small octave S to the third octave A.