Button accordion “Harola”

    Button accordion “Harola”


    Circa 1960

    Wood, leather, metal, cloth, paper, leatherette; mechanical and carpentry work, gluing, presswork, nickel-plating

    27 x 27 x 15 cm

    On treble couplers heads: “SEAL OF QUALITY/ HAROLA/ ACCORDEON”; on the right fingerboard: “MADE IN GERMANY”


    Button accordion consists of the right melody side and the left bass side connected by bellows. Both sides are wooden and black varnished. Lateral panels are made in the shape of red mahogany inserts with goldish patterns in the corners. Wooden fingerboard with ten white buttons is fixed on the right insert. The buttons are connected by half-cylinder-shaped with suede stickers.
    The valves close square windows in the insert leading to the slotted reeds. The concertina is diatonic. It produces sounds of various pitch level depending of bellows squeezing and or unclenching the bellows. A loop for the performer’s thumb is fixed on the fingerboard rear side. Two metal knobs of treble couplers are on the melody side upper part. Fingerboard with band hand strap and metal valves is on the accordion melody side. Two valves – the bass upper one and the lower one for the chords are on the fingerboard front surface. The valve for releasing air from bellows is on its rear side. The bellows folds inner surface is glued with colored paper, the ends are glued with black leatherette and the corners edged with metal brackets. When the instrument is off-load, the bellows are totally compressed and both sides are held together by two metal hooks located on bellows front and rear surfaces. The bellows are divided into two sections by wooden spacer, glued over by pink leatherette. Decorative presswork metal brackets strengthen both sides’ corners and the stand.