Circa 1939


    Wood, metal, fabric, leather, leatherette, celluloid; carpentry and mechanical work, gluing together

    48 x 37 x 19 cm, 7 kg

    On the front side of the right half-body “GABBAMELLI”. On the rear side nameplate: serial number 36/10035 and inscription “MADE IN ITALY”


    Accordion is comprised of the bass side and the melody side connected by bellows. The sides are wooden and finished with glossy red mother-of-pearl celluloid. The body surfaces are inlaid with white celluloid floral ornament with rhinestones. The fingerboard with keyboard is the extension of the bass side. The keyboard consists of two rows of rectangular buttons with rounded edges (thirty-five pieces), a row of white keys (nineteen pieces) and a row of black keys (eighteen pieces). Black keys are ranged evenly, alternating with white ones. Nine treble stops and bass stops with the names are above the keyboard. The right wickerwork is made of chrome-plated wire in polished round frame and is closed from the inner side with thin punched plates. Round brand sign in the form of two gold lions, holding gold accordion against the Globe background is between the mesh and registers. Red and gold crown is above them, red ribbon with white inscription “GABBANELLI” is below. The brand name is between the elongated dark red triangles. The name of the company in white letters with rhinestones is on the bass side front surface. Chrome-plated brackets to which leather shoulder straps are attached are screwed to the upper and lower parts of the bass side. White strip with one hundred and twenty black buttons for bass and chords is in the bass side groove. The hand strap is on the left lateral side.
    Knurled nut is in the bass side upper part; it serves to adjust the belt length. Two chrome-plated bass couplers are between bass buttons and bellows. Round acoustic windows and button for releasing air from bellows are in the left dark red wooden mesh. Four metal feet are fixed on the mesh. Sound bars with slotted phonic reeds, resonators and keyboard valves are inside the melody and the bass sides. The folds of bellows inner sides are pasted over with white fabric, the ends are pasted over with white and red leatherette, and the corners are rimmed with metal brackets. White leatherette inserts form lozenge-shaped ornament on the front side of bellows. When accordion is non-operational, the bellows are totally compressed; melody and bass sides are fixed together by two leather bellows straps with buttons. The nameplate with the serial number is on the melody side rear surface.