Barrel Organs

Street organ

    Street organ

    Germany, Hamburg, Bielefeld

    Circa 1970

    C. Baum, Hamburg - organ, Max Geweke Orgelbauer - pinned barrel

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather, rubber; casting, carpentry, lathing, painting, carving

    87 х 44 х 110 cm, 52 kg

    On the case front side: “Curt Baum, Hamburg”. On the blanks: “Curt Baum”, “herstellung und verkauf von”, “Drehorgel-Souvenir-Schallplatten”, “38er Trompeten”, “Walzer-Drehorgel”, “System Curt Baum, Hamburg”, “gebout 1978”. “2 Hamburg 71”, Ellernreihe 55”, “Tel. 6417105”, “GEMA Nr. 65”, “Verzeichnis der Musikstücke gezeichnet von: Max Geweke, Bielefeld”, further numbered list of tunes in German: “1. Fliegermarsch Marsch”, “2. La Paloma Tango”, “3. Tessoro Mio (Mein Juwel) Walzer”, “4. Wiener Praterleben Walzer”, “5. Hoch Heidecksburg Marsch”, “6. Tanzen möcht ich Walzer”, “7. Gefangenen Chor Lied”, “8. Toselli-Serenade Serenade”. On the second blank: “Fernsprecher 62233 Max Geweke Orgelbauer Bielefeld Beckhausestrasse 139a”, ‘Walze 2 Programm”, two marks: “1. Wiev Bleib Wien Marsch”, “2. Schatz-Walzer (aus “Der Zigeunerbaron”) Walzer”, “3. Deutschmeister Regimentsmarsch”, “4. Estudiantina Walzer”, “5. Ropamunde Holka”, “6. Einmal am Rhein + O du wunderschöner deutscher Rhein Walzer”, “7. Unter Linden Marsch”, “8. Mädel aus dem Schwarzenwald Rheinländer”, “Alle Musikstücke sind original -Arrangements für diese 38er Trompeten - Orgel. Sie unterliegen dem Uhrheber – Rechtsschutz und dürfen nicht kopiert werden. Auf nahmen auf Tonträger nur mit meiner Zustimmung.


    The body of the organ is wooden, on a pedestal with figured feet, with brass onlays on the side ribs, veneered with mahogany and varnished. Carved floral golden colour ornament is on the pedestal front side. Panel with four windows in golden colour frames covers the facade in the frame. Painted on canvas landscapes are in vertical and horizontal windows. Thirteen metallic piccolo pipes of golden colour with black cover plugs are in the open window. The inscription "Curt Baum, Hamburg" is below. Polished golden color carrying handles are on the lateral sides. Pinned barrel lid with an aperture for the axis and two slider’s tips with leather loops are on the right, a crank in the form of an anchor that raises and lowers the key frame is on the left side, the barrel knife and bolt mechanism is below. Two lids with hook locks are on the top panel, levers with pushers and the set of flue and wooden trumpet pipes are visible under the front lid.

    Two brand blanks with typewritten lists of tunes and stamps of the Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights (GEMA) are on the rear lid inner side. Pinned barrel for eight tunes and key frame for thirty-eight keys, according to the number of basic tones are under the lid. With the key frame raised, the barrel can be set in one of eight positions according to the selected melody. Metal crank with wooden handle is on the rear side. When the crank is rotated, the worm gear rotates the shaft, and the crank gear activates the working bellows that inject air into the wind chest with valves. pins and bridges on the barrel raise the keys that open the valves of the respective pipes; the air from the wind chest enters the pipes and makes them sound. The organ is mounted on Bordeaux color cart with wooden handle, wheels with rubber tires and a box with a curved handle. Music media: pinned barrel.