Barrel Organs

Street organ Original Raffin R20/67 “Konzert”

    Street organ Original Raffin R20/67 “Konzert”

    Germany, Überlingen


    Orgelbau Raffin GmbH

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather, rubberized fabric, glass; casting, carpentry, lathing, wood carving, painting, colouring

    64 х 62 х 33 cm, 25.5 kg

    On pedestal facade: ”JOSEF RAFFIN ORGELBAU ÜBERLINGEN”, on metal plate: ”Original Raffin R 20/67 “Konzert”, image of Oscar figure ”OSCAR EUROPA 1988" and signature: “JOSEF RAFFIN”


    Street organ in rectangular wooden case on the pedestal with corner feet, reinforced by brass figured plates. An arched window with eleven wooden stopped flue pipes is in the façade center. Narrow windows with painted South Tyrol landscapes are below on both sides. The image of dolomite cliffs "Three merlons" is in the horizontal window. The organ case is painted with semi-matt cream colour shades and patterns of flowers and leaves. Painted alpine landscapes in oval vignettes are on the lateral sides. An artistic vignette with the manufacturer’s name "JOSEF RAFFIN ORGELBAU ÜBERLINGEN" is on the pedestal front side. Two hinged lids with two locks - hooks are on the top side. The front lid opens access to the rows of pipes. Metal polished plate is screwed to the rear lid. The company name, organ brand, Oscar figure and signature: "JOSEF RAFFIN" are engraved in the Modern style vignette. Figured wooden handles for carrying are on the sides. Five sliders’ round metal polished handles are on the right side. Large drive mechanism’s handle, small rewinding handle and round handles for turning on / off and fixing coil with paper music roll that serves as music media, a glazed window through which treble pipes are visible are on the rear side of the organ.

    The set of organ pipes consists of 56 flue and 11 trumpet pipes. The organ is mounted on the cart with wooden wheels. Drawer with the lock for storing exchangeable paper music rolls and accessories - a protective cover and wheels’ lock - is fixed under the platform. One test roll and 30 paper music rolls are in the set.