Barrel Organs

Portable organ

    Portable organ

    Germany, Berlin

    late 19th – early 20th centuries

    Frati & Company

    Wood (mahogany, rosewood, oak, walnut, birch), metal, leather, brass, fabric (velvet, silk); painting

    65 х 62 х 39 cm

    Inscription on the paper label: "1879"


    Wooden case with two hinged lids, leather carrying strap and four legs. A wooden panel, made of mahogany is on the front side. Three arched sections, covered inside with a burgundy velvet cloth and separated by a decorative half columns on the panel. An inscription "Frati & Co of Berlin. No 37" is below. The lateral sides and the rear side are veneered with rosewood, the lid is made of oak, the base is made of walnut. The feet on the corners and sides are ornated with brass plates. Front and the back sides of the case are framed with birch veneer, back and lateral sides are also decorated with birch veneer with geometric pattern inserts of birch veneer in the marquetry technique. 

    Paper labels with tunes' lists are on the inner surfaces of both lids. Front lid opens up to a wooden pipe, and the rear one - gives access to the movement. There are two metal plates with two vertical apertures and switches with the provisions of the Horn/Flöte on the right side of the item. The music movement is winded up by rotation of the handle, which is located on the rear side of the case. Air is blown into the windbags through the system of levers, moves the barrel with staples and pins, clinging to the levers for opening and closing air valves, supply air to the pipes. 

      Wooden barrel is for eight tunes,  sound range is 37 tunes.