USA, New York


    Edison, Thomas Alva

    Wood, metal

    25 х 16 х 19 cm


    Phonograph on wooden stand with metal case, painted black. The central, back and lateral sides are decorated with golden line along the perimeter and an inscription in golden letters "GEM". Above it - the manufacturer’s mark "Trade Thomas A. Edison Mark". A metal plate with an inscription is on the case rear side: "Manufactured Under The Patents Of THOMAS A. EDISON, At Orange, N.J. U.S.A. May.8.1888 July 31.1888 Nov. 27.1888 Dec. 4.1888 Feb. 5.1889 Apr. 2.1889 Nov. 12.18889 June. 17.1890 Mar. 24.1891 Apr. 21.1891 June 9.1891 Dec. 29.1891 Oct. 18.1892 June 20.1893 Jan. 23.1894 May 31.1898." Metal silvery horn and a crank are on the case right side. The kit includes a cover with a portable handle, metal screws for locking the phonograph on each side. An inscription "Edison GEM Phonograph" in the cover center. Music media: vinyl cylinder.