Singing Birds

Singing bird cage

    Singing bird cage


    Late 19th century

    Brass, silver, steel, leather, painted feathers; chasing , mechanical works

    Height 32 cm

    On the bottom rim: “925”; “5”; German state hallmarks in the form of crescent and crown, mark of the United Silverware Plants in Hanau, mark in the form of hatchet


    Cylinder-shaped cage made of thin metal rods with dome is mounted on round stepped silver socle, decorated with chiselled foliage ornament along the circumference, standing on four feet in the form of leafy curls. The socle front and back sides are decorated with polished medallions. Protruding lever for the movement activating, built-in winding key and round acoustic window covered with metal mesh are on the socle bottom part. The stand covered with fleecy fabric is set the cage. Tubular rack with is fixed in the base center. The figurine of a bird in red, yellow and brown plumage sits on it. Two silver oak leaves are near the rack. The cage top is adorned with cast silver Putti with bow and arrow. German silver marks are on the socle bottom rim. Cam mechanism with bellows, piccolo pipe, movable piston and spring drive with built in winding key is inside the socle.
    When the movement is winded and activated, the bird chirrups, turns its head, open and close its beak simultaneously with the tail movements.