Singing Birds

Singing bird cage

    Singing bird cage



    Brass, fabric, bronze, leather, colored feathers; patination, turning, mechanical work

    Diameter 25 x 15 cm


    Cylinder-shaped cage made of thin metal rods with dome and suspension in the upper part is mounted on round stepped socle made of patinated copper alloy, decorated with chiseled foliage ornament between belts of beads and standing on three turned metal feet. Protruding activating lever, built-in winding key and round acoustic window, covered with metal mesh, are in the base socle bottom pat. The base covered with the fabric imitating plant0formation is inside the cage. The figurine of a bird in dark blue plumage with blue head, surrounded by wire branches with artificial light green leaves is fixed on tubular rack in the stand centre. Cam mechanism with bellows, small piccolo pipe with movable piston, spring drive and winding key is mounted inside the socle. 

    When the movement is activated, the bird chirrups, turns its head, open and close its beak simultaneously with the tail movements.