Singing Birds

Singing bird cage

    Singing bird cage

    France, Paris

    The 1880s

    Bontems, Blaise

    Steel, painted bird feathers, leather, fabric, brass, wood; mechanical work, gilding, wood carving

    29 x 18 x 15 cm


    The cage is made of thin metal rods with dome and ball-shaped ring with suspender in upper part is mounted on rectangular socle with bevelled corners. The socle is decorated with carving. The plinth is adorned with carved foliage ornament. The cage stands on four ball-shaped chiselled feet. Activating lever passes through the grove in the plinth. T-shaped rack enlaced with artificial branch with blue flowers, on which mechanical bird in green and blue feathers sits is fixed in the cage floor centre that is covered with dark-green velvet. The bird wings and tail bird are black. Cam mechanism with bellows, small piccolo pipe with movable piston and spring drive is mounted inside the socle. The spring is winded by built-in key. When the movement is winded and activated, the bird starts to utter trills, turns its head and opens and closes the beak in sync with the movements of the tail.