Singing Birds

Musical cage with two birds

    Musical cage with two birds

    Western Europe

    Circa 1920

    Steel, brass, fabric, painted feathers; painting, presswork, mechanical work

    Height 22.9 cm, diameter 15.2 cm


    Cage with musical movement is made of twisted wire metal rods with spherical shaped dome and ring for suspension in the upper part. The cage is mounted on cylinder-shaped golden color metal stand, on three supports. Complicated-shaped rack is fixed on the stand top panel covered with beige fabric. The swings and birds in beige plumage with yellow tails facing each other on cylindrical wooden perches are on the rack that is fixed on the stand top panel. Musical movement with pinned cylinder, sound comb and spring drive, with winding key on the bottom panel and on/off switching lever on the left side is inside the stand. When mechanism is winded and activated, a melody sounds, the birds start to swing.