Singing Birds

Cage with two singing birds and clock

    Cage with two singing birds and clock

    Switzerland, Saint Croix



    Wood, steel, brass, metal, fabric, glass, leather, painted feathers; painting, presswork, mechanical work

    31 x 17 x 17 cm

    On the dial: “REUGE MUSIC”, “SWISS MADE”. On the stand bottom side: “7465”, “REUGE MUSIC”, “SAINTE-CROIX”, “MADE IN SWITZERLAND


    The cage is made of straight and twisted wire metal rods with two belts with embossed ornament, with dome and pendant in golden color upper part. The cage is mounted on metal cylinder-shaped golden color stand with embossed foliage ornament on the polished surface, on tree supports. Glazed white enamel clock dial with Roman numerals for hours’ designation, Arabic numerals as minutes’ marks - every fifth division, two black ornately shaped hands – hour and minute; golden hand for setting alarm clock with inscriptions: “REUGE MUSIC”, “SWISS MADE” is set on the stand lateral surface. Rows of beads-shaped ornament are on the bezel and on the stand bottom part.
    A rack with crossbar, decorated with green leaves and white fabric flowers is on the stand top panel. A bird in variegated plumage with long tail sits on it, the other bird with painted yellow feathers, black head and tail tip sits below on the short rack. Cam mechanism with bellows, piccolo pipe and galvanic cell type AA powered spring drive with on/off button is ++ is inside the stand. A knurled wheel for setting the alarm, two rectangular apertures (one of which is closed by metal mesh, a band for removing the battery and inscriptions protrudes from the second one) are on the stand bottom side. When the mechanism is activated or the alarm clock is triggered, the birds emit trills, open and close their beaks, turn their heads and move their tails.