Singing Birds

Cage with three singing birds and clock

    Cage with three singing birds and clock

    Western Europe

    The 20th century

    Wood, brass, steel, glass, enamel, feathers, fabric; painting, casting, gilding, carpentry and mechanical work

    55 x 30 x 30 cm


    Cage is made of straight metal rods of golden color with dome and suspension in the upper part and is mounted on hexagonal base with enamel polychrome landscapes in onlay ornamental frames, with six sculptural onlays on bevelled corners, on six spherical supports. White enamel clock dial with the image of flower garlands, Arabic numerals for hours’ designation, minutes’ divisions, two ornately shaped and one straight seconds hands, small alarm clock dial with one hand is on the one of the base sides, behind the glazed door with regular golden color pattern. Three racks with crossbar, decorated with flowers and leaves, with birds in painted feathers are fixed on the base top panel, covered with green velvet. Cum mechanism with bellows, small piccolo pipe and spring drive is inside the base. An aperture with winding key and a lever of random activation of the bird movement and keyhole with the key for winding the clock; a knurled screw head the hands and alarm adjustment are on the bottom panel. When the alarm clock is activated, the birds alternately chirrup, open and close their beaks, turn their heads and move the tails.