Mechanical Compositions

Automaton “Tailor's shop”

    Automaton “Tailor's shop”


    The 19th century

    Metal, wood, glass; chromolithography, mechanical and carpentry work

    23 x 28 x 9 cm


    Animated picture made in the technique of chromolithography on cardboard and featuring the interior of a small old tailor's workshop is placed in glazed silvery wooden frame. Three tailors are working in the workshop - a young man standing on the left is ironing trousers, a woman in the center is sitting at a foot driven sewing machine, a tailor sitting at the table on the left holds the details of the future clothing on his knees. Little girl is picking up from the floor the scraps of fabric; black dog sits next to her. A clock with pendulum, clothes hanger, mirror, shelf with square of cloth and picture are on the wall. The singular elements of the figures and objects are made movable and are set in motion by the spring motor mounted on the painting rear side. When it is activated, young man starts to move his right hand with iron and tilts his head, woman waggles her right leg, the sewing machine drive wheel rotates, its lever moves up and down, the tailor nods his head, the girl moves on the floor, clock pendulum swings. The movement is winded with the key inserted in the winding hole on painting rear side.