Mechanical Compositions

Musical automaton “Magician”

    Musical automaton “Magician”



    Wood, metal, steel, brass, glass, paper, cardboard; carpentry and mechanical work, lithography

    63.7 x 42.6 x 13 cm

    On the picture: “Stoppa 5 öre bakom tavlans högra / sida och trolleriprofessor BEWE kommer / att upptrăde för Eder medan orcestern spelar.”, “Högaktningsfullt DIRECTIONEN”.


    Lithography with automaton in brown wooden frame is covered with glass and piece together with wooden case by hooks-clasps. The automaton control mechanism and musical movement with pinned cylinder, sound comb and spring drive is inside the box. The interior of the theater with spectators in the stalls and box and a magician on the stage is depicted on the lithograph. The magician is wearing black tailcoat and trousers, shirt, bow tie and a white vest. He holds feathers’ fan in his right hand, and wand in his left one. A table with chiseled legs, covered with red tablecloth with goldish border and fringe is to the right. Magic box is on the table. The inscription in Swedish is below the image: “Drop the 5 ore coin behind the right edge of the board, and the professor of magic BEWE will perform for you with accompanied by the orchestra. Best regards, Administration”.
    Coin slot is on the box right lateral side. An aperture rod for winding the mechanisms is in the case rear side. When the coin is dropped in, the melody sounds and the automaton elements start to move. The magician waves his right hand with the fan, his head disappears, waves his wand – the image of a dog appears in the box, then the movements are repeated, the spectators in the stalls and in the box move their heads and hands.