Mechanical Compositions

Music picture with a clock "Alpine hamlet"

    Music picture with a clock "Alpine hamlet"

    circa 1850

    Canvas, wood, gesso, gold leaf; oil painting

    79 x 68.5 cm

    On movement "6487"


    Gilt wood framed oil on canvas, featuring hamlet and church around a pond in an Alpine wooded landscape with figures, horse and cart in the foreground, the church tower with the clock. White enamel dial, radial Roman numerals, blued steel hands. Circular, brass movement with barrels, anchor escapement, inverted crutch, brass bob pendulum with silk suspension, striking on a coiled gong. Music movement brass, with pinned cylinder, single steel comb with 95 tuned vibrating teeth, large spring barrel, fly governor, pulls for start, stop and tune selection.


    Инв. 2084/ММП