Mechanical Compositions

Musical picture wall clock

    Musical picture wall clock



    Wood, metal, canvas; oil painting, mechanical work, gilding

    98 х 82 х 14 cm, 22 kg


    Picture clock is a combination of the painted image and clock, a dial being the part of the plot. The picture in wooden frame with ornament covered with leaf-gold is connected to wooden case in which clockwork and musical movement are placed. Winding hole is on the case right lateral side, three buttons are on the bottom side. The sunny summer day landscape is depicted on the canvas – the groups of buildings are to the left and to the right, castle with the clock on the tower, tall trees. The foreground is the river with rapids, angler with fishing rod, boat with a girl with oars and an angler pulling the net, people engaged in everyday activities. Windmill, donkey with covered wagon and drover with whip are painted on the right side. White enamel dial with black Roman numerals designating hours and two hands is in the aperture on canvas with the image of a clock tower. The clockwork is pendulum with lever escapement and an hour strike. Musical movement with pinned cylinder, sound comb and spring engine. The clock musical movement and strike are turned on/off by buttons on the case bottom.