Musical automaton ”Little girl with basket and mechanical theatre”

    Musical automaton ”Little girl with basket and mechanical theatre”

    France, Paris

    Circa 1895

    Vichy, Gustave , Société Française de Fabrication de Bébés et Jouets

    Wood, fabric, metal, biscuit, natural hair; mechanical work, painting, sewing

    50 x 30 x 80 cm, 4.5 kg

    Squeezed on the head: "Eden Bébé, Paris, 12, Déposé", on the key: "G. V."


    Automaton featuring a smiling girl figure is mounted on small square stand, with rounded corners, covered with light brown embossed velvet. Dark green wicker basket is under the girl’s right hand. The girl is holding in her left hand rectangular case of mechanical theatre with open front side, tightened with mustard-colored satin fabric. The stage framed with satin wing flats and top masking border, closed with a striped curtain, is mounted inside the case. Wing-flats and top masking border are decorated with gilded ornately shaped onlays. The girl’s lingerie dress from mustard-colored satin is ornamented with wide strip of glass beads with metallic shade; the overcoat wide turndown collar is trimmed with similar beads. Dark red overcoat with puffed sleeves and lace cuffs is enclasped along the lower hem with wide ribbon with bow at the back, two rows of pleated frills are below the ribbon. The girl is wearing satin shoes of eggplant color with bows and beads, dark red stockings and lace knickers. The head is from unglazed biscuit painted porcelain. Open eyes are dark gray with painted eyelashes, round golden earrings are in the ears. Natural blond hair wig and dark red satin hat trimmed with lace are on the head. Lace collar is around the doll’s neck. The automaton cam control gear and musical movement with pinned cylinder are mounted in the doll’s torso. Built-in winding key and pullout start/stop button are on the doll body right side.
    When the mechanism is activated, the figure comes into motion - the head turns from side to side, the right hand rises to the mouth and moves aside, as if blowing a kiss. Simultaneously the basket lid rises and the public see a kitten lying on velvet bedding and waggling its paw. Then the girl nods her head to the right and the theater curtain rises, opening the stage where miniature gymnast performs a routine on number on flying trapeze. The curtain descends at the end of the performance and the basket closes. All movements are accompanied by music. Musical movement with pinned cylinder and sound comb performs three tunes.


    Инв. 2681/ММП