Mechanical scale model "The Village of all trades"

    Mechanical scale model "The Village of all trades"


    The 1890s

    Henrick Pallesen

    Wood, metal, fabric, leather; wood carving, colouring

    521 x 150 cm, 1200 kg


    The scale model consists of six sections, mounted on two levels with two shafts driven by electric motors. Workshops and separate groups of artisans who carry out various jobs and occupations are placed on the bottom level section from the left to the right. The following scenes and personalities are on the first floor of a four-storeyed house and its wing: a smithery with a forge, a farrier shoeing a horse, a shooter with gun, a sawmill, two ladies, a policeman with club, watching the criminal serving a penalty, a house with terrace and a lady sitting on the porch in the rocking chair and reading a book. In front of the house: a grinder with an axe, a harvester, water pump, house-painter, a fisherman, two goose drinking water, a pond with boat, an itinerant grinder and customer, water mill. On the top level from the left to the right: a church, lady in the hat, a gentleman with cane, house with domes on the corner towers, dark-skinned washerwoman, a man with banjo, the second man sitting on the barrel, relaxing couple on the bench, dancing floor, a magician with boa constrictor, scene with four musicians and two equilibristic girls, circus arena with circus rider and a clown with Danish banner riding a donkey, pile draining engine, railway station and railway fragment with trolley on the castle background, lighthouses, sailing ship and windmills. When the scale model is activated, all figures and mechanisms come into motion. Henrick Pallesen, who was born in the Danish town Beder in the 1890s, manufactured the model.