Musical automaton "Girl conjuror"

    Musical automaton "Girl conjuror"

    France, Paris

    circa 1890

    Simon & Halbig, Roullet & Decamps

    Papier-mache, porcelain, wood, metal, fabric; sewing, woodwork, painting

    64 х 43 х 43 cm, 5 kg

    On the doll's nape: “1300 – 6 DEP SH”. On the sticker: “AU NAIN BLEU” E. CHOVIÈRE G. FAUVET SUC JEUX JOUETS”


    Figure of the girl-conjuror stands on quadrangular covered with a red velvet stand with round feet. The girl is wearing dress with light blue bodice; jacket and skirt of translucent fabric, trimmed with wide red and gold braid are put on atop. Sleeved cuff are of gold braid. Dress with a lace collar, on the neck two strings of pearls. The belt in the form of wide silk pink ribbon is tied on the back in magnificent bow. Similar bows of white and pink ribbons are tied on the shoulders. The head i from biscuit porcelain, blue glass eyes with thick eyelashes. Fair wig and conical wizard’s cap are on the head. Small table on a chiselled leg, covered with red velvet tablecloth is in front of the girl. The girl holds a fan, with pearls and sequins in her right hand, and magic wand in her left one. The cam mechanism controls the movements and pinned metal cylinder. Keyhole and activation button are on the stand rear side. After the movement is turned on, the figure comes into motion - the head is tilted in different directions, right hand with the fan is raised and lowered, music plays. When the fan flies up, different objects appear and disappear on the table - handful of "precious stones", multicoloured ball and dice.

    The movement that changes items is under the table. Sticker of the Parisian toy store "AU NAIN BLEU" is on the stand bottom side.