Musical automaton "Conjuror"

    Musical automaton "Conjuror"

    Switzerland, Saint Croix

    circa 1970


    Papier-mache, bisque, wood, metal, fabric; sewing, mechanical works, painting

    Height 50 cm

    On the stand bottom sticker: "Automate créé par CAMUS”, “Le Pierrot Musical”, “9, rue Centrale CH – 1450 Sainte-Croix”, “E-Mail:”. Handwritten inscription "FAIT MAIN" and signature


    The automaton in the firm of a magician’s figure is mounted on octagonal stand, covered with red velvet and dark red brocatelle with ribbons on the sides. The magician is dressed in floor-skimming coat and high velvet hat of gray, purple and dark red shades with large pattern and lurex, trimmed with frills and braid. Wide sleeves with lace cuffs are decorated with metal and glass beads of different sizes. Wide band-collar is trimmed with gold galloon. Laced jabot is on the neck. The head and hands are of papier-mache. Eyebrows, eyes and eyelashes are painted. The magician holds a magic wand with round knob in his right hand. Covered with green velvet and decorated with a dark purple cloth with lurex, round table on the figured leg, is in front of the magician. A box in the form of a dice with shiny round onlays is on the table. White dog is sitting in front of the table in the cape and cap. The integrated crown with a figured ring is on stand upper side. A crank is on the left lateral side. When the movement is activated, the figures come into motion. The dog looks around. The performer’s right hand rises, the left one descends, the right hand drops, the left with the magic wand rises. The magician turns his head from side to side. The lid of the box rises and a doll's head in the black cap appears. Then the lid descends to the initial place, and the doll hides in the drawer. All actions accompanied by the sounds of musical movement with cylinder and sound comb.