Musical automaton “Cocorico. Cock in the pot”

    Musical automaton “Cocorico. Cock in the pot”



    Roullet & Decamps

    Wood, metal, leather, papier-mache, feathers; Painting, coloring, moulding

    Height – 40 cm; diameter - 27 cm, 5 kg

    Inscription on the lid inner surface: "Co co ri co”, “vive coq en pot". On paper stickers: "“A LA PARISIENNE BIJOUX D’AUVERGNE”, “CLERMONT – FERRAND”. On winding key: “10“ and ace of clubs


    Tapering up pot of papier-mâché with hinged convex lid and a wire handle. Pot and lid are black, decorated with white-yellow painting of a singing rooster surrounded by flower garlands. Keyhole and activating button are on the right side.

    When the movement is turned on, the lid reclines up and the cock's head rises from the pot with red comb and earrings, glass eyes, in natural mottled plumage. The head turns, the beak opens and closes. Music and crowing sound.

    As the cycle ends, the rooster hides in the pot and the lid is closed. Paper labels of the jewellery store in city of Clermont-Ferrand (France) are on the pot inner surface. Authentic winding key.