Automaton "Mandolin player"

    Automaton "Mandolin player"


    Circa 1890

    Lambert, Léopold

    Porcelain, wood, fabric (velvet, silk, cotton), metal, beads; painting


    Automaton is a figure of a boy with a mandolin standing on a stand. Wooden stand, covered with red velvet.

    The boy is dressed in velvet suit of Prussian blue colour. Jacket cuffs, welts and a collar are decorated with lacy shiny metallized braid. A silk ivory shirt, tied with a sash belt with drapery is under the jacket.

    The boy is wearing wide velvet short pants of the same colour as the jacket. The pants are decorated with metallized edging along the edge. Small incisions decorated with bells are in the bottom of the pants. Earrings of beads are in the ears. Cotton socks are on the feet, the top part is decorated with frills and silk bows on the sides. Velvet shoes, the same colour as the suit, with shiny beige bows on toes and bells in the center.

    The music movement is switched on by the original key labelled "LB" and activated by a trigger on the rear side of the stand.

    When the melody is playing, the boy turns his head from side to side, raises and lowers it, imitating mandolin playing.