Musical automaton "Clown with a chair"

    Musical automaton "Clown with a chair"


    Circa 1970

    Bertrand, Michel

    Wood, fabric (silk, velvet, cotton), metal, leather; painting

    20 х 30 х 63 cm, 2 kg


    Automaton in the form of a clown sitting oncovered with gray velvet stand and balancing a turning chair on his nose. The clown is dressed in silk light cream-coloured shirt, with lace cuffs, adorned with blue bow and a jabot collar. Dark green striped jacket with elongated folds is over the shirt. He is wearing light beige pants and straw-coloured leather shoes. Papier-mache head and hands. Musical movement is hidden inside the stand. Key wound. The key labelled "MB" is on the rear side. Activated by a lever on the stand right side. The clown performs an acrobatic exercise with balancing the chair on the tip of his nose while the tune is playing.