Musical automaton "Drinking Chinese"

    Musical automaton "Drinking Chinese"

    France, Paris


    Roullet & Decamps

    Papier-mache, wood, metal, fabric, lace; sewing, mechanical works, painting

    62 х 35 х 30 cm, 7 kg


    Automaton in the form of the Chinese man in yellow robe with wide sleeves and black silk pants is mounted on the low rectangular stand with rounded corners that is covered with brown velvet. The gown is embroidered with golden fancy plants; orange silk shirt trimmed with black braid is beneath the gown. Black velvet cap, trimmed with light braid with sequins is on his head, long black braid descends from under the cap. The Chinese man holds a tinned jug in his right hand and a glass in his left hand. The rod for winding and activating button are under his left arm.
    When the movement is activqted, the man's right hand rises and tilts the jug towards the glass. After a while, his right hand returns to its initial position, and his left hand with the glass rises to the mouth, the mouth opens and the glass capsizes. The truck leans backwards in that moment.
    The performance is accompanied by the sounds of musical movement with cylinder and sound comb. At the end of the cycle, all parts come to their initial position.