circa 1920

    Wood, metal; carving, lathe

    4.1 x 11.8 x 55 cm

    Inscription on the top side of the instrument: "Triola"


    Dark brown wooden case, varnished. 24 melodic strings are stretched on the left side, 25 strings - on the right side for tune harmonization. On the top there is a golden Inscription "Triola" on the case top side, below - numbers from 1 to 6, indicating the number of tonality given by this chorus of strings. Golden colour floral ornament surrounds resonator aperture. Movement that plays paper perforated rolls is on the right side; musical notes with additional notes' indication in Latin is on the left side: E H #Gis E (6)

    E A #Cis A (5)

    D A #Fis D (4)

    F C A F (3)

    D B G G (2)

    E C G C (1) Folding leg for fixing the object at an angle is on the case rear side.