Automatic String Instruments

Guitar juke-box (coin operated Nickelodeon)

    Guitar juke-box (coin operated Nickelodeon)


    Wood, metal, glass

    66 х 62 х 19.5 cm, 100 kg


    Coin operated Nickelodeon pneumatically operated self-playing full size guitar, 110 Volt electric motor

    Wooden case. A hinged door with a keyhole on top and oval glass, through which the mechanism with the roll can be seen, is on the façade lower part. The door is decorated at the corners with carved lines. A hinged door with glass is on the façade upper part. A six-stringed guitar, with a guitar system: E, A, D, G, B, E is inside the case. The lighting dome is in the top part. Coin selector is on the case right side. Music media: replaceable paper music roll.