Automatic String Instruments

Orchestrion Model O

    Orchestrion Model O


    Western Electric Piano Company

    Mahogany, metal, glass, leather; veneering, polishing, wood carving, mechanical work

    160 x 113 x 58 cm, 160 kg

    Marks: inscription on the casing: “WESTERN ELECTRIC PIANO CO./ CHICAGO”, “161281”, on the plates: “XYLOPHON/ OFF/ AUTO”, “CRESCENDO”, “P.P. P. F. F.F.”, “MANDOLIN”, “ON”, “OFF”. On the motor nameplate: “12 EMERSON/ The Emerson Electric Mfg. Co. / New York St. Louis/ No S49683 Type 73610DV/ Volts 110 H.P. 1/8/ Cycles 60 Speed 1150/ Phase 1/ MADE IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA/ FOR ALTERNATING CARRENT/ PATENTED"