Automatic String Instruments

Orchestrion Model O

    Orchestrion Model O


    Western Electric Piano Company

    Mahogany, metal, glass, leather; veneering, polishing, wood carving, mechanical work

    160 x 113 x 58 cm, 160 kg

    Marks: inscription on the casing: “WESTERN ELECTRIC PIANO CO./ CHICAGO”, “161281”, on the plates: “XYLOPHON/ OFF/ AUTO”, “CRESCENDO”, “P.P. P. F. F.F.”, “MANDOLIN”, “ON”, “OFF”. On the motor nameplate: “12 EMERSON/ The Emerson Electric Mfg. Co. / New York St. Louis/ No S49683 Type 73610DV/ Volts 110 H.P. 1/8/ Cycles 60 Speed 1150/ Phase 1/ MADE IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA/ FOR ALTERNATING CARRENT/ PATENTED"


    Orchestrion is mounted in mahogany veneered wooden case, with the front panel comprised of two parts, with carved pilasters, Corinthian order capitals, levers with signs, and two incandescent bulbs, set on four movable supports. Two glazed doors with golden frames and locks are in the lower part to the left of the levers “XYLOPHON/ OFF AUTO”, “CRESCENDO”. Illegible plate and aperture for the lever are to the right, sliding button and plate with the inscription ”MANDOLIN/ ON OFF” are beneath. Twenty-two tones xylophone, bellows, electric motor with the nameplate, power generating unit with nameplate and box for coins are inside. Opening upwards door with glass in golden frame with the lock is in upper part, coins selector, plate “25c”, paper sticker with the inscription in Cyrillic “2 рубля” (2 roubles), are to the right of it; piano mechanism with a mandolin sound effect is set below the door on golden color cast frame with the inscription  “WESTERN ELECTRIC PIANO CO./ CHICAGO” and number “161281”, large drum with three padded sticks is to the right, tape drive mechanism with paper music roll in metal protecting cover with small drum, castanet and musical triangle. Counter of played melodies is above- “60182”. Tape stops automatically when the melody is over, up to the 10 tunes might be recorded on the roll.
    Music media: paper music roll.