Cylinder Musical Boxes

Musical box with pinned cylinder for eight tunes

    Musical box with pinned cylinder for eight tunes

    Switzerland, Geneve

    circa 1888

    Bartiste-Antoine Brémond

    Wood (nutwood, birch, rosewood), bronze, brass, glass, paper, suede; casting

    48 х 24 х 30 cm; cylinder 23.5 х 5.5 cm

    On tunes' list: "46961/3372"; on the cylinder: "46961"; on mounting plate: "123/46961"; on regulator: "261 / GB & Co"

    Rectangular wooden box veneered with nutwood  sheets, on four feet, with a keyhole and two lids. The top lid is hinged and the inner one is with glass, with two bronze ornately shaped handles. Facade, rear and lateral surfaces are framed with birch veins with rosewood insets. Paper label with the list of tunes is on the lid internal side. The musical movement consists of a sound comb for 64 tunes, three pairs of bells, figures of three Chinese sages with hammers, and activating lever. The movement is winded with a crank handle located inside the case on the left side. Two levers are to the right: one to activate tunes, the other - to stop and reset.
    The cylinder is for eight tunes.