Cylinder Musical Boxes

Coin operated musical box with automaton

    Coin operated musical box with automaton

    Switzerland, Saint Croix

    Circa 1900

    Auguste Lassueur

    Wood, steel, brass, glass; intarsia, sewing, carpentry, mechanical work

    90 x 40 x 90 cm


    Musical automaton in rectangular walnut veneered wooden case with emphasized sicle and freize on the front side. Carved figured finial in the form of a torn cornice with chiseled elements is on the case top. Openwork slotted carving covered with red fabric from the inner side and rectangular onlay with the inscription in French are on the freeze. The glazed door, decorated with frames-shaped onlays made of various wood species is in the facade central part. A keyhole is on the right-hand side of the window. Сoin selector slot is below. Both are with metal onlays. Pullout drawer with dead lock is on the case right side. Musical movement with pinned metal cylinder for eight tunes, a sound comb and a mute bar is mounted inside the case. The switching lever behind the cylinder enables automatic change of tunes. The movement is mounted on the cast chassis. The movement is winded by removable crank through the aperture in the case left lateral side. Indicator of a melody to be played is near the cylinder tip. The rear side inner surface is closed by the inclined mirror. Six dancing female figures in lace-trimmed multi-coloured dresses decorated by golden braid are at the forefront of the platform. The inner space is illuminated by electric bulb that turns on when the mechanism is activated. Electric cord with the plug is on the case rear side.  The crank, drawer key and a key that locks the door are in the set.