Musical Houseware

Musical beer mug "Tom Pierce"

    Musical beer mug "Tom Pierce"

    S. Fielding&Co./

    Ceramics; painting

    Height 11.5 cm

    On the botttom: "Crown Devon/Fielding’s/Made in England Copyright"


    Cylindrical ceramic mug with a relief handle decorated with acanthus leaf, upper and lower surface along the perimeter is decorated with an orange vein. A horse with eight men sitting on is it on one side, the inscription is on the mug: "Widdicombe Fair / An'Avld Uncle Tom Cobleigh An All" with the name of a famous folk song about a man named Tom Pierce, whose horse died after being lent for a trip to the fair with his friends. The inscription is on the other side surface: "With Bill Brewer, Jan Stewer, Peter Gurney, Peter Davy, Dan'l Whidden, Harry Hawke, An'Avld Uncle Tom Cobleigh An All." - A large list of people who went to the fair.

    Musical movement is in the base, a handle-ring for the movement winding and a lever for starting are there as well.