Musical Houseware

Musical photo-album

    Musical photo-album

    Western Europe

    The 1880s

    Ch. & J. Ullmann

    Cardboard, velvet, brass, glass; carving

    21 х 8.5 х 26 cm; cylinder 3.3 x 1.7 cm

    Maker's mark on metal board: "20543"

    Photo album with brass lock, made of cardboard, covered with red velvet. The wrapper is decorated by ornamentally shaped metal elements in the center and in the corners. Musical movement is fitted inside the album and hidden by cover with glass. The movement consists of the sound comb for 28 tunes. It is activated by the key. While rotating the pins on the cushion cling to the metal plate of the comb, causing them to oscillate and to issue the notes.

    Music media: pinned metal cylinder.