Russian Sculptures

Reduced replica of the monument Commemorating the Bulgarians' liberation

    Reduced replica of the monument Commemorating the Bulgarians' liberation

    Russia, St. Petersburg


    Lanceray, Eugene, Aubert, Artemy

    Bronze, marble (pedetal); casting, chasing, gilding

    71 x 53 x 53 cm


    The sculptural composition "Commemorating the Bulgarians' liberation" represents an allegory of Bulgaria's liberation by Russia. The figures of an equestrian knight and a peasant personify Russia, and a figure of woman with a child symbolizes Bulgaria and young Bulgarian statehood. Artist and sculptor M.O. Mikeshin participated in the monument composition development. This composition depicts the monument top part. It was casted for the solo exhibition of the sculptors Lanceray and Ober. It was held in the Imperial Society for Arts Encouragement in St. Petersburg in 1886.

    The composition is comprised of four figures. The image of a mounted Old Russian knight in chain-armor, mail-clad, Lobster-tailed pot helmet and tabard. He holds a banner in his left hand with the Image of Edessa. Cross and octagonal Panhagia with a double-headed eagle are on the knight’s chest. A figure of the Russian peasant leading the knight's horse by his hand and holding the shield in his other hand is on the right side. The shield is ornated with a cross over a fallen Muslim crescent. The sculptural image of a Bulgarian woman, kissing an edge of the banner is on the left side of the knight central figure. next to her is A figure of a child with a cross in his right hand and a round shield with the Bulgarian coat of arms in the left hand is near the woman.

    Dated 1882, following The All-Russian Art and Industrial Exhibition in Moscow.
    P. Ovchinnikov silver factory casting was exhibited there.


    Инв. 258/ИЗО