Russian Sculptures

A Cossak

    A Cossak

    Russia, St. Petersburg


    Grachev, Vasiliy, Woerffel bronze and lapidary art factory

    Bronze; casting, patinating

    35.6 x 40.2 x 22.6 cm

    On the bottom: "FABR.C.F.WOERFFEL. St.PETERSBOURG and ЛЪП.ГРАЧЕВЪ"; mark: "отъ М.Ф. на 10 лет 1881 г."


    The sculpture A Cossack, portraying a mounted Cossack in a race. The Cossack's papakha hat is tightened with a band; he has a pistol in his lowered and pulled back right hand; he holds a rifle by the barrel pressed against his chest. The Cossack has a scabbard without a sabre inside on his left hip.  On oval base.