Russian Sculptures

Interior (mantel) set "Relaxing during harvesting"

    Interior (mantel) set "Relaxing during harvesting"

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg


    Chizhov, Matthew, Chopin Felix factory

    Bronze; casting, gilding, silvering, patinating

    Clock: 69 х 6 2 х 42 cm; Chandelier (farmer): 71.5 х 21 х 21 cm; Chandelier (peasant): 71 х 17.5 x 17.5 cm

    On the case of the clock there is Dedicatory inscription is on the clock case: To Pavel Antipovich Shultz in memory of managing the Second Department of State Property and the Provisional Department for Land Management of State Peasants formed from it. From colleagues, 1865-1874.

    The set refers to sketch works of applied art, that is, it is made in a single copy according to a preliminary sketch drawing of a professional artist. All sculptures that comprise the composition were created according to the models of Matthew Chizhov and are the author's interpretation in the genre of small-form sculptures of Viktor Vasnetsov drawings "Harvesting". The clock case is made according to the sketch of Monighetti.