Russian Sculptures

Equestrian figure of Alexander II

    Equestrian figure of Alexander II

    France, Paris


    Troubetzkoy, Paolo , C. Valsuani Art Bronze factory

    Bronze; casting, patinating

    Height 59 cm

    On the basement: "1910 Paul Troubetzkoy"; "cire perdue C.Valsuani"


    Model of equestrian statue for the monument in St. Petersburg (was not erected).
    A copy in bronze - in the State Russian Museum; copies in plaster - in the Landscape Museum of Verbania.

    Troubetzkoy chose to create an idealistic image of the progressive Tsar, whose life and reign were cut short. Tsar sits on his mount over a steep precipice, symbolic both of his isolated idealism and of the sudden assassination, he holds nevertheless, his cap in a gesture of accessibility to all his people.The swishing of the horse's tail and the lively turn of the horse head contrast effectively with the upright regal figure of the Tsar, thus creating an impression both of realism and ideology.