Lapidary Works of Art

"Bear meets Queen Bee" jewelry set

    "Bear meets Queen Bee" jewelry set



    Quispe Aparicio, Luis Alberto

    Obsidian, rock crystal, agate, smoky quartz, lapis lazuli, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, silver; carving, polishing, casting, gilding


    A single copy. The composition features the bear sitting under rock crystal tree and eating honey from agate barrel. The tree is decorated with vermeil honeycombs with dripping honey from agate and smoky quartz. Round base is from obsidian and agate. The composition is comprised of detachable parts:
    - vermeil honeycombs- shaped necklace with two agates near the clasp;
    - vermeil ring with onlay agate honeycomb; silver gilded honeycombs-shaped stud earrings;
    - vermeil ring with the image of Queen Bee made from lapis lazuli, with wings decorated with diamonds and faceted eyes made from rubies, sapphires and emeralds;
    - vermeil ring is hidden behind detachable bear head with rock crystal. The figurines of a she-bear with bear cub are carved inside the crystal. The ring is ornamented with diamonds; gilded silver honeycombs shaped brooch with onlays in the shape of honey drops from agate.