Lapidary and Bone-carving Art Items

Flying duck

    Flying duck

    Germany, Idar-Oberstein

    The 20th century

    Dreher, Paul

    Jasper, agate, tiger's eye and hawk's eye, chalcedony; carving, polishing

    Diameter 22.8 cm


    Depicting a flying duck, rendered in a variety of hardstones realistically carved to depict the texture of feathers. The body formed of brown speckled jasper, the wings of blue hawks' eye and light grey chalcedony, the tail of tiger's eye quartz, carved yellow jasper feet the beak of deep blue hawk's eye quartz. The bird flies above a natural grey agate base, carved to resemble the turbulent waters of a wind swept lake. This duck was carved after an illustration from James Audubon book "Birds of America".