Lapidary and Bone-carving Art Items

Bouquet of flowers on rock crystal pedestal

    Bouquet of flowers on rock crystal pedestal

    Germany, Idar-Oberstein

    the 20th century

    Wild, Manfred

    Rock crystal, morganite, aquamarine, tourmaline, ruby, garnet, aventurine, gold, silver; carving, polishing, mounting

    Height 35.5 cm


    Elaborate flower study consisting of a multi-gemstone bouquet rendered with 10 morganite flowers, 15 aquamarine flowers, 16 red tourmaline flowers, with ruby cabochons, and faceted rubies and 15 mandarin garnets, the leaves of green enamel on sterling silver. The vase of near-flawless rock crystal quartz fluted and grooved set upon a column carved of rock crystal quartz with engraved decoration. The base consisting of a square of aventurine quartz, bordered in 18K yellow gold. Mounted with 18K gold.