Lapidary Works of Art and Ivories

Rutilated quartz box with a miniature

    Rutilated quartz box with a miniature

    Germany, Idar-Oberstein

    20th century

    Wild, Manfred

    Rutilated quartz, mother-of-pearl, gold; carving, polishing, painting

    Length 6.3 cm


    Rutilated quartz and reverse painted oval box, carved from a single piece of fine Brazilian rutilated smoky quartz. The hinged lid formed of a large oval rutilated quartz cabochon, in which the retiles appear to depict seaweed on the ocean floor.
    Quartz is reverse painted with several tropical fish (including a clown fish), the painting is backed with mother-of-pearl to complete the illusion of a seascape. Completed by 18K yellow gold fittings, hinge and borders.