Lapidary and Bone-carving Art Items

Frog on toadstool 

    Frog on toadstool 


    20th century

    Quispe Aparicio, Luis Alberto

    Ruby, zoisite, quartz, garnet, 18K gold; carving, polishing

    18 x 15 cm


    Frog on a toadstool is a characterful sculpture. It is expertly fashioned from fine ruby in zoisite. The frog is carved from a single large piece of the ruby, with large garnet eyes, sitting atop a fallen toadstool with patches of the rich purple stone in the pale green zoisite.
    The amphibian's prospective lunch has alighted on the other end of the toadstool, a gleaming 18K gold fly.
    Presented on a polished quartz freeform base of good clarity.