Lapidary and Bone-carving Art Items

"The moon and stars suite" including a blue enamel egg

    "The moon and stars suite" including a blue enamel egg

    Germany, Idar-Oberstein

    Second half of the 20th century

    Wild, Manfred, Emile Becker firm

    Moonstone, rock crystal, diamonds, citrine, quartz-jirazole, 18K gold; carving, polishing, engraving

    Height 21.6 cm

    Signature: firm "ЕВ"; master's "M.Wild"; gold alloy "750"


    "The moon and stars suite" set is comprised of a blue enamel egg, an enamelled box, and a pair of moonstone ear clips, a pendant and two diamond and gem set brooches.
    The Easter egg is made sapphire blue enamel over silver background, ornated with gold enamel stars, the top is decorated with a single 12mm moonstone cabochon carved with a moon face. The stem of the egg is decorated with two "man in the moon" carvings formed of midnight blue hawk's eye quartz, dotted with insert diamonds.
    The base is carved to evoke a nebulous cloud rendered in near-flawless transparent rock crystal quartz having a frosted, matte finish. A removable brooch of starburst design, centering on a circular cabochon girasol quartz, set with 156 brilliant-cut diamonds, mounted in18K yellow gold is om the base.  The hinged lid opening with a diamond thumb piece,reveals a wood interior, housing a removable pendant set with an orange moonstone, mounted in 18K yellow gold, set with diamonds and 18K yellow gold borders.

    Together with a box of circular outline, with sapphire blue enamel over guilloche background, with turquoise enamel borders on gold plated sterling. The lid having a removable 18K yellow gold pendant mounted with a carved citrine depicting the Sun. The hinged lid of the box opens to reveal a pair of ear clips housed in the interior that are carved with the same Sun motif.