Lapidary and Bone-carving Art

Three parakeets on a perch

    Three parakeets on a perch

    Mid 20th century

    Wild, Manfred

    Multicoloured and green tourmaline, aventurine, rock crystal, round cut diamonds, 18K gold; carving, polishing

    Height 38 cm


    Multicoloured tourmaline carving of three parakeets on a gold and gemstone perch. The wings of each bird are book-matched to each other. The beaks are formed of 18K yellow gold and the eyes are brilliant-cut diamonds, the feet 18K yellow gold. The perch itself is formed of carved and fluted sections of rock crystal, between aventurine quartz they are profusely trimmed in 18K yellow gold. A cabochon green tourmaline tops the perch and calibre-cut tourmalines form the borders. With 18K fluted gold perches.